August 6, 2012

Every Cent Counts Need of the Week!

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Every Cent Counts Need of the Week!

Jade is a rape survivor who is working extensively with Sexual Assault Services, at the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay. Jade suffered through a series of nearly a dozen rapes over the course of two decades. During that time she turned to food to try to numb the emotional pain of the PTSD and depression that followed each rape.

She developed bulimia and a compulsive eating disorder. In addition, over the years she gained and lost weight in unhealthy ways until gaining enough to currently be 350 pounds. Jade was just diagnosed with pre-diabetes and needs to enroll in a medical, nutritional, and exercise year-long program, to help save her life and improve her health.

Jade has sought help for her depression, which has become increasingly bad. This medical program will give Jade a chance to help her recover from her eating disorders, depression, and help her lose enough weight to finally be a healthy size for the first time in 20 years.

$100 will go towards a fitness program through the YMCA. $220.00 will go towards providing Jade with Holistic medical care.


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