July 31, 2012


Posted in Clients and Needs tagged , at 7:25 pm by Every Cent Counts


Josh is a young adult who has suffered from both physical and sexual abuse at the hands of his biological parents. At the age of six, he was removed from the home and at the age of 8 he was adopted. Justifiably so, Josh experienced a lot of anger at the world. He isolated himself from his adopted parents, and lashed out at his brother.

However, Josh’s story doesn’t end there, with the help of counselors he was able to evaluate the cause of his anger, and come to terms with his past. Josh stated, “Without counseling I wouldn’t have become the person I am today.”Josh’s dream in life is to become a graphic designer. He wants to attend school to learn how to develop video games.

Josh currently resides in a group home. In a little less than a year, he will be faced with moving out of his current residence and learning to take care of himself, with limited support. Josh is anxious about obtaining a job and the skills necessary to live on his own. Josh needs new clothes and shoes in order find a job. His current wardrobe is tattered and old, limiting his chances of success.


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