July 25, 2012

The Number of Families on Food Stamps Keeps Growing!

Posted in Clients and Needs, statistics tagged , , at 8:34 pm by Every Cent Counts

57,179 Tampa families are receiving food stamps as of 2010. This was up 22,788 from 2009. This shows a continued need for help for those families continuing to struggle with hunger. While food stamps provide a way for hungry families to receive assistance without starving, this is only a temporary fix. These families need help getting back on track. Once they are able to maintain self-sufficiency then they are able to help other needy families. This should be the ultimate goal, self-sufficiency. You cannot be satisfied that these families are on food stamps.

Fixing this problem is the hardest part. How do you help the family with no income? How do you help the family living off disability payments? How do you help the single father or mother struggling to raise their children? Which of these families deserves our help more? These are the questions any program that strives to make a difference must face. How do you choose what demographic you are going to help, and how do you make sure the help makes a lasting difference in their lives?

With Every Cent Counts, you can rest assured that every family is enrolled in one or more of our departments within  the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay. You can also be assured that through the provision of direct services, every penny you donate will be spent on fulfilling the need the client has listed on the website.

Visit http://www.everycentcounts.org to view our clients and make a donation today.


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