July 18, 2012

Who are the homeless?

Posted in Those that need help tagged , at 3:32 pm by Every Cent Counts

Many people see the homeless man standing on the side of the road and think that he is just a bum looking for drugs and alcohol. It’s easy to make this assumption, in some cases it even helps us cope with the fact that we are unable to change their situation. However, this is not a fair stereotype.

In 2006, a count of the homeless people in Hillsborough county Florida was conducted. Of the 9,566 homeless people they surveyed, the majority were single parents, the newly homeless, the elderly, and children. If you are like me, this information is shocking.

There isn’t a lot of publicity when it comes to the homeless, and what is advertised usually consists of people who evoke less empathy from the general population. If the media showed the reality of homelessness would more people help? We are doing a disservice to those struggling with homelessness, by promoting such a negative stereotype. This needs to be changed.


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