July 16, 2012

When Will Domestic Violence End?

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When Will Domestic Violence End?

This image is shocking, but for some of our clients it is a reminder of the horrors they faced. Domestic violence is horrific. It is a myth that only women are abused, frequently men suffer such abuse as well.

Usually victims face a cycle of abuse, then a period of intense love and affection, then a period of tension leading up to more abuse. Some victims have become so accustomed to this abuse that they time the cycles to coincide with periods where nobody is around, so they can recover from the wounds.

An abuser typically starts with emotional and mental abuse. With every fight the abuse gets worse, sometimes leaving bruises. Eventually bones may break, and the bruises become far worse, until in some cases the abuser kills the victim.

Many victims attempt to leave a few times before they actually succeed in leaving. This is the most dangerous time for a person living in a domestic violence situation. More victims die trying to leave than any other situation.

If you are looking to help someone, consider helping those that are trying to change their life around. Many domestic violence victims return to the abuser because they cannot make it on their own. As they are struggling to make ends meet and form a new life, the abuser is calling and telling them how much they have changed. Many return hoping this is true, and afraid of ending up on the streets. Let’s stop this cycle from continuing.

Donate today, and help one of our victims of domestic violence realize their is hope. http://www.everycentcounts.org


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