July 13, 2012

What Defines the Poverty Level Will Shock You!

Posted in Clients and Needs, statistics, Those that need help tagged , , at 4:38 pm by Every Cent Counts

The following are the income levels required to be determined as below poverty level, according to the 2011 Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines.

1 person household = $10,890 2 person household = $14,710
3 person household = $18,530 4 person household = $22,350
5 person household = $26,170 6 person household = $29,990
7 person household = $33,810 8 person household = $37,630

Could you imagine raising a family of four on $22,350? For many families this is a reality. They are forced to make tough decisions, like forgoing a promotion that would bring them slightly over poverty, in order to maintain government assistance, so they can feed their families. They choose between clothes and food on a daily basis. That doesn’t even begin to include providing their families with any kind of recreational activities or family outings.

This is why your donations mean so much to the families we are trying to help. Contributing nominal amounts such as $5 to help a family get a 30 day bus pass, or $10 towards helping children go to summer camp. This is how we help so many, and renew hope. Thank you for all you do for others everyday!


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