July 31, 2012


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Josh is a young adult who has suffered from both physical and sexual abuse at the hands of his biological parents. At the age of six, he was removed from the home and at the age of 8 he was adopted. Justifiably so, Josh experienced a lot of anger at the world. He isolated himself from his adopted parents, and lashed out at his brother.

However, Josh’s story doesn’t end there, with the help of counselors he was able to evaluate the cause of his anger, and come to terms with his past. Josh stated, “Without counseling I wouldn’t have become the person I am today.”Josh’s dream in life is to become a graphic designer. He wants to attend school to learn how to develop video games.

Josh currently resides in a group home. In a little less than a year, he will be faced with moving out of his current residence and learning to take care of himself, with limited support. Josh is anxious about obtaining a job and the skills necessary to live on his own. Josh needs new clothes and shoes in order find a job. His current wardrobe is tattered and old, limiting his chances of success.


July 27, 2012

Thank You to Our Donors!

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Thank You to Our Donors!

Thanks to your help, we have fulfilled another need. We had previously asked you to help Clarence with a gas card to help him support his two grandchildren, after an unexpected car repair forced him to spend his savings. Now, he will be able to adequately provide for his grandchildren. Thank you to our wonderful donors! Please check back, on Tuesday, for his personal thank you and photo.

July 26, 2012

What’s Good in the World.

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What's Good in the World.

In today’s world it is so easy to see only the darkness. The media displays the horrors that occur daily and rarely show the good in the world.
In my job, I see both sides. I see horrific things that are inflicted on others. Things that are best left forgotten. However, I also see tremendous resilience and acts of kindness that renew my faith in humanity.
When people fall on hard times, or experience horrific trauma; oftentimes they are unable to pick themselves up without the support of others. For so many that support comes from family and friends, for others it comes from counseling and knowing there is hope.
Everyone that receives help is grateful and you can almost witness the light come back into their eyes, and you just know they have taken a step out of the darkness and into the light.

July 25, 2012

The Number of Families on Food Stamps Keeps Growing!

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57,179 Tampa families are receiving food stamps as of 2010. This was up 22,788 from 2009. This shows a continued need for help for those families continuing to struggle with hunger. While food stamps provide a way for hungry families to receive assistance without starving, this is only a temporary fix. These families need help getting back on track. Once they are able to maintain self-sufficiency then they are able to help other needy families. This should be the ultimate goal, self-sufficiency. You cannot be satisfied that these families are on food stamps.

Fixing this problem is the hardest part. How do you help the family with no income? How do you help the family living off disability payments? How do you help the single father or mother struggling to raise their children? Which of these families deserves our help more? These are the questions any program that strives to make a difference must face. How do you choose what demographic you are going to help, and how do you make sure the help makes a lasting difference in their lives?

With Every Cent Counts, you can rest assured that every family is enrolled in one or more of our departments within  the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay. You can also be assured that through the provision of direct services, every penny you donate will be spent on fulfilling the need the client has listed on the website.

Visit http://www.everycentcounts.org to view our clients and make a donation today.

July 23, 2012

Date Rape Statistics that will Shock you!

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It is easy to overlook date rape when researching sexual assault. However, the number of young adults and teens, alone,  that experience date rape would shock you. 1 in 5 high school females experiences physical or sexual abuse by the person they are dating. 70% of sexual assaults reported by adolescents and college age females were with someone that they were dating. 38% of those same reports came from teens age 14 to 17. These numbers are horrific. I hope they serve as a reminder that the majority of rapes occur from people that are trusted.

We, at the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, help victims of sexual assault overcome stigma and obstacles that they may face while recovering. Often those clients have small, short-term needs that are forwarded to Every Cent Counts for assistance from the community. Visit our website to view our needs, and donate to a good cause today!


Help an abuse survivor have a comfortable place to lay her head after a hard day at work.

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Help an abuse survivor have a comfortable place to lay her head after a hard day at work.

Bridgette has been an independent and hard worker her entire life, but in the past year, she was caught in a domestic violence situation, forcing her out of a very successful career and into a state of constant fear. Now she has freed herself and wants nothing more than to be independent again. She spends everyday working at her new job, but every night at her new apartment, she sleeps on the cold, hard floor.

Please help provide Bridgette with a new mattress, to give her some additional comfort as she transitions to a life of safety and independence.

July 18, 2012

Who are the homeless?

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Many people see the homeless man standing on the side of the road and think that he is just a bum looking for drugs and alcohol. It’s easy to make this assumption, in some cases it even helps us cope with the fact that we are unable to change their situation. However, this is not a fair stereotype.

In 2006, a count of the homeless people in Hillsborough county Florida was conducted. Of the 9,566 homeless people they surveyed, the majority were single parents, the newly homeless, the elderly, and children. If you are like me, this information is shocking.

There isn’t a lot of publicity when it comes to the homeless, and what is advertised usually consists of people who evoke less empathy from the general population. If the media showed the reality of homelessness would more people help? We are doing a disservice to those struggling with homelessness, by promoting such a negative stereotype. This needs to be changed.

Helping a Victim of Domestic Violence

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In her 35 years Bridgette has been through far worse than most people experience in a lifetime. She lived her life in constant fear of the one person sworn to love and protect her. She fled from his abuse, and began to build a life for herself. She has started a new job, and has found an apartment that is safe and comforting. However, she lacks a bed to come home to. Please help Bridgette, donations as small as five dollars will help her reach her goal.


July 17, 2012

First Do No Harm!

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First Do No Harm!

Everyone needs a little kindness every now and then. Help whenever you can.

July 16, 2012

When Will Domestic Violence End?

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When Will Domestic Violence End?

This image is shocking, but for some of our clients it is a reminder of the horrors they faced. Domestic violence is horrific. It is a myth that only women are abused, frequently men suffer such abuse as well.

Usually victims face a cycle of abuse, then a period of intense love and affection, then a period of tension leading up to more abuse. Some victims have become so accustomed to this abuse that they time the cycles to coincide with periods where nobody is around, so they can recover from the wounds.

An abuser typically starts with emotional and mental abuse. With every fight the abuse gets worse, sometimes leaving bruises. Eventually bones may break, and the bruises become far worse, until in some cases the abuser kills the victim.

Many victims attempt to leave a few times before they actually succeed in leaving. This is the most dangerous time for a person living in a domestic violence situation. More victims die trying to leave than any other situation.

If you are looking to help someone, consider helping those that are trying to change their life around. Many domestic violence victims return to the abuser because they cannot make it on their own. As they are struggling to make ends meet and form a new life, the abuser is calling and telling them how much they have changed. Many return hoping this is true, and afraid of ending up on the streets. Let’s stop this cycle from continuing.

Donate today, and help one of our victims of domestic violence realize their is hope. http://www.everycentcounts.org

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