June 28, 2012

A Good Deed

Posted in Clients and Needs tagged , , , , at 3:20 pm by Every Cent Counts

A few days ago, I arrived at a client’s home to photograph her for the Every Cent Counts website. Upon arrival she expressed concern over having enough basic necessities to make it another week, when she would receive her next check.

She was relieved to know that we would be adding her to our website for additional help fulfilling her needs, but she was very worried about what would happen now. She had incurred an unexpected medical expense, and her money was being used to pay off what she owed. She couldn’t buy basic hygiene items to get her through the next week.

I went back to my office, and couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to do more. I immediately went to our pantry and signed out a few items, so that I could bring them to her to get her through the next week. I then drove back to her home, and dropped off the items. She was ecstatic! These few items would take off all of the added pressure she was experiencing. She gave me a hug, and cried. She had never experienced such kindness.

Altogether it took an hour to provide her with these basic necessities, an hour that I had to work, past my usual time off. Yet somehow making a difference in this one person’s life was all that mattered. I had the power to make a difference, and yes, I had to sacrifice my time, but I would want someone to do that for me in my time of need.

Visit http://www.everycentcounts.org to view our clients and their needs. You too can make a difference in someone’s life.


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