June 22, 2012

Does Weather Have a Direct Effect on Your Mood?

Posted in General Information tagged , , at 8:04 pm by Every Cent Counts

Some people believe that the weather has a direct effect on mood. For example, when it is rainy and gloomy outside, it is more common to be depressed. While when it is particularly hot people seem more irritable. While these are common perceptions, there hasn’t been proof that weather directly affects mood. There has been a correlation between extreme heat and increased crime rates, but not to the extent that a direct cause can be determined.

Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is related to the amount of light that is present in the winter months. During periods of less light, people can become more melancholy. SAD is less present in areas where the seasons don’t appear to change as drastically, such as Florida.

So, as I suffer through the next twelve days of rain, that are forecast for Florida. I will try and remember that the grim weather doesn’t have any power over my mood. I will remember to smile and to pass on kindness to others. I hope you will as well.


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