June 19, 2012

The Invisible War

Posted in Those that need help tagged , , at 6:48 pm by Every Cent Counts

I occasionally stray from promoting Every Cent Counts and the wonderful work we do for our clients everyday, in an effort to promote causes and events that I believe are important. One such event is the airing of a new documentary on the occurrence and under reporting of rape within the US military.

The Invisible War is only showing in select cities around the country, but it proves to be a powerful film, that will hopefully open people’s eyes to a problem that is swiftly brushed under the rug. I am an advocate of the military and fully support our veterans, I am an active member of Got Your 6 and Joining Forces. I have conducted numerous presentations on supporting our troops and the truth about PTSD. However, this is a problem that does blacken the views of the military.

We need change. We cannot have individuals who have been raped, not reporting due to fear of repercussions and stigma. We need to change this within the country as a whole, and the military. Imagine experiencing the horrors of war and then experiencing the additional trauma of rape by your colleagues and comrades. Don’t these victims need our support as well. We need to tell the military that while we fully support you, some of your policies must change.

Visit http://invisiblewarmovie.com/index.cfm to find out more about the movie and view the trailer. It is extremely powerful.


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