June 18, 2012

Have You Visited Our Website Lately?

Posted in Clients and Needs tagged , , at 4:33 pm by Every Cent Counts

We are adding 45 new needs this week! Most of these will be relatively small needs, in cost, but large needs in value to the client. If you have not had the chance to visit our website, please do. Also, spread the word to your friends, family, and colleagues. We would love to be able to fulfill all of the needs.

I am one person, trying to pass the word to the masses, but if I had your help sharing this cause, we would be able to make a much larger impact. After all, 100% of the money that is donated goes to the client. We provide direct services, rather than cash in hand, so you know the money is going to fulfilling the need.

Also, we always provide every donor a thank you from the client once the need is fulfilled. All of these are things I view as important, when I am choosing a cause to donate towards. Please donate if you can, but spread the word no matter what! We love our donors, without you we wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything.


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