May 29, 2012

Times are Tough!

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There aren’t a lot of people not affected by the current state of the economy. Some people have lost more than others, and some are struggling to hang on to what precious little they still have. It’s times like these when the number of people needing help far outweigh those in a position to give help.

I have always been the giving type. I am the type of person that would give you the shirt off of my back, if it was what you needed. While I have less that I am able to give, I still give. I just want certainty that what I am giving is going to the right cause, and actually making a difference.

That’s why I am launching this new campaign. Through a series of posts, pictures, and videos; I’ll show you how every cent goes to the client, and how your donation makes a tremendous difference in the lives you help. The campaign is two fold: the Crisis Center Facebook, blog, and twitter page will show you the random acts of kindness that take place here on a daily basis. Then the Every Cent Counts Facebook, blog, Twitter and Pinterest pages will show you how donors like yourself are paying it forward and helping our clients overcome hardships.

I hope that showing you a bit more about who we are, and how we help, we will earn your trust and become your agency of choice when you are wanting to pay it forward or show a random act of kindness.

Visit or for more information on the agency as a whole and the every cent counts program.


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