May 23, 2012

What is Your Employability?

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One of the projects we are currently working on, is the addition of an employment page to our Every Cent Counts website. It would serve as a way to show our efforts towards helping our clients maintain financial stability, past the donations received in a time of crisis.

As I am researching what would go into this endeavor, and the services we would offer as part of the program, I have come to realize that there is a bigger problem than just helping people get hired. People aren’t staying employed.

I have heard stories of people arriving for their first day 30 minutes late. People showing up wearing next to nothing. These are things I had learned not to do when I was in school. I always arrive 30 minutes early, so I can find the place, scope out the area, see what the atmosphere is like, and then show up for the interview five to ten minutes early. I know the appropriate dress code in the corporate world. Strive for knee length skirts and limit the visibility of cleavage. No shorts, flip flops, jeans, or in some cases open toed shoes.

I had always considered this to be common sense. Apparently, I was wrong. I have heard the horror stories of people interviewing for a new job. Some were texting, and some showed up with their children and friends in tow. I fear that many people have forgotten the importance of a first impression. You only have one chance at a first impression, and much of it is developed without you having to say a word.

Now, I have been a supervisor, and I have interviewed many volunteers and employees. I have seen my fair share of bad interviewees and employees that weren’t dedicated to the job, but I had always chocked it up to limited life experience. Now I am wondering if this just isn’t something taught in schools anymore.

After careful review, I have decided to include various workshops on employability and resume writing to those wishing to be added to our website. I think this will empower our clients, and help them in the future, should they find themselves teaching their children how to interview for a new job.

So I ask you, have you considered your employability? Would you be able to get hired in this competitive job market? Are you able to make an outstanding first impression?

As I leave you to contemplate this, I want to encourage you to continue to visit our website and donate to our current clients. The could use your help.


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