May 22, 2012

One Minute a Day, One Dollar a Week.

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Every day you are presented with the opportunity to do good deeds for others. Even just thinking about your morning commute, how many times did you let someone merge into your lane? Did you let someone ahead of you in line for coffee? Did you hold the door open for a coworker? All of these things brighten someone’s day, and cost you nothing but a moment of your time.

Time is something that so many view as of great importance. In one sense, every hour you spend on the phone with a friend is one less hour you have to work towards an important goal. It’s an hour you will never get back, and it should be spent on things that are important to you.

Money is a lot like time. Once spent, you will never get the money back. You spend the bulk of your time making money in one fashion or another, and seconds spending it. So many people don’t hesitate for one second to hold a door open for someone, but they won’t give the homeless man on the street corner one dollar.

Why is that? Many state it is because he will waste it on drugs or alcohol, rather than buy food. Maybe that’s true, but what stops you from donating one dollar to a charity each week? What I hear most often is you aren’t making a big enough difference, so why bother. I also hear some say the money doesn’t go to the person in need, but the organization.

I have a solution for you. Donate to a client on Every Cent Counts. Every dollar goes to the client in the form of direct services. We partner with different businesses in the area, to receive services at a discounted rate. We take your donations and write a check directly to the business. From there the client goes to that business, and fulfills their need.

You might ask yourself how can we afford to run this program with no income from donations. To answer that, we are part of a larger organization: the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay. We receive community support and we also recruit sponsors and obtain grants in order to cover the cost of overhead.

Every dollar you donate adds up and helps us fulfill a need. No donation is too small. So I challenge you to give back one minute a day and one dollar a week, for one month. See the difference you can make in someone’s life.


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