May 17, 2012

Stay Connected with Every Cent Counts and the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay

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Do you like to read our blog? Have you seen our website? Do you wish you connect with us in more ways? Well you can!

Follow us on twitter to receive the latest updates @everycentcount or You can also like us on Facebook for client updates, a featured need of the week, and to participate in various giveaways and contests. Make sure you stay connected with us, for all of the latest news on our program. Don’t forget to spread the word, the more people we reach, the more help we can provide our clients.

 Are you familiar with the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay? Every Cent Counts is just one of the many programs the Crisis Center offers. Visit to learn more about the Crisis Center and the various ways they help those living in and around Hillsborough County. You can also subscribe to their blog at or follow them on twitter Please like them on Facebook to stay up to date on any changes or upcoming events.





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