May 9, 2012

Helping those in the Military

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I have done a lot of crisis work in my short career, and I must admit the clients that pulled at my heart strings the most were active duty and veterans along with their families. On a personal level I am close friends with quite a few military personnel and to know that one day they may need to reach out for help from a system that tries, but isn’t always effective.
I have counseled those that struggle with PTSD, cannot navigate the VA system in general, or are afraid to reach out for help and only wanted to talk to a neutral party for a short while. Some had thoughts of suicide, and struggled for a way to relate the horrors they had seen and participated in to those that hadn’t been there.
I have not served in the military, and while I have contemplated enlisting so that I could better help those that have sacrificed so much already, I would also like to remind those struggling with any mental illness, that while others may not have shared the same experiences, we all have had our own hardships. While somebody may not be able to relate to the trauma of war, they can relate to trauma itself.
If you would like more information on the VA and the services they offer visit their website at
Don’t forget if you are in a position to give back, visit our website and give to one of our clients. You can rest easy knowing the money you worked hard to earn will go directly to the client, through direct service help.


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