May 7, 2012

Planned Parenthood

Posted in Those that need help tagged , , , at 11:40 am by Every Cent Counts

The battle over planned parenthood and whether they should have government funding and support is ongoing. I realize that everyone has their own viewpoints on abortion and that this is a battle that has been fought for a long time.
I have always been prochoice, but when I was younger my main argument was those that want to have an abortion will go to any lengths to get one, sometimes causing more damage than even they realize. I held this viewpoint because history shows us that when something is banned illegal behind the scenes operations sprout up with people less qualified running them.
Now, as a older and more educated individual I realize that while this may be true an even scarier prospect is the idea that children may become parents well before they are ready, or that mothers that realize they are not ready for such a large responsibility will be thrust into parenthood, and while some will step up to the challenge we could also see an increase in abuse and neglect.
I am fully aware that some people abuse abortion, using it more as a method of birth control than an emergency procedure performed only with no other options. However, why should we punish the majority for the faults of the minority? Is there no other way to regulate abortions, to stop the abuse, but still allow it for those who abortion is truly the better option?
I ask that you consider the battle being fault and all of the repurcussions, before choosing your standpoint. All I can hope for is people keep an open mind.


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