May 1, 2012

Dr Phil Demonstrates a Lack of Compassion for Our Service Men and Women

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Recently Dr Phil aired a show about military veterans suffering from PTSD. This episode was entitled “From Heroes to Monsters”. As a mental health professional, this title outraged me. How could someone in the field attach that kind of stigma to our Veterans who served this country valiantly.
I watched a portion of the show, and he seemed to show a bit more compassion for those wounded soldiers struggling with PTSD. However, he dramatized the illness, with the extreme cases of PTSD. Showcasing rage, drug abuse, survivor’s guilt, and the furthest extreme the abuse, homicides and suicides that can occur.
I believe it is important to note that these are extreme circumstances and not everyone coming back from war experiences such harsh transitions from enlisted to civilian life. However, the success stories don’t make good dramatic television. I fear that the damage that was done by the title to his show, to a population that already avoids mental health help, will be hard to undo. I hope that the efforts of those that truly want to help will outweigh the damage that was done.
I also want to encourage those that are struggling with PTSD from any trauma, not just war, to please seek help. It is an anxiety disorder, and with the right treatment it can be helped. It may take some time to heal, just like with any wound, but eventually you will heal.
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