April 18, 2012

Thank you for helping Mindy!

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Thank you for helping Mindy!

Mindy came to Every Cent Counts after she lost her job due to the economy, she was fearful of losing her home, which she shares with several family members, and she worried about her grand-daughter’s anxiety, which would worsen if they had to live separately due to their financial situation. But there was one need that was the most pressing for Mindy, healing.
Fifty years ago, when Mindy was six, she was sexually abused by her father. The abuse continued for many years, and today it has left behind scars that prevent her from dealing with the trauma. She knows that counseling is the only way for her to heal, but the 25 mile, one-way trip is too much for her, and there is no public transportation in her area.
Mindy needed help with gas money so that she could attend her counseling sessions and finally put to rest the ghosts from her past. Thanks to our wonderful donors we were able to fulfill Mindy’s need and get her a $100 gas card. She could not have been more grateful. When she last talked with Every Cent Counts, she was just beginning a full-time job, and was beginning to feel like things were finally coming together again.
Please remember to visit http://www.everycentcounts.org to view our current clients and their needs. Every cent you donate will go directly to the client of your choosing.


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