March 19, 2012

Homelessness and Every Cent Counts

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The majority of shelters in Hillsborough County do not accept teenage boys, and fathers are almost always separated from their families. This is because men need a background check to be housed with children, and it is more cost effective to house the family members separately. What happens when there are two young children staying with a single father? He is faced with the hardest decision, separate from his children, so they can be cared for and housed where they are safe, but alone; or face homelessness as a family. Many families face this terrible decision every day. Some choose to deplete their money for food and basic living expenses, trying to stay in a hotel for as long as they can; others are forced to live in their cars.

Unfortunately, the public image of homelessness doesn’t consist of struggling families, which are one of the fastest growing populations of homeless individuals. Many of these individuals are in this situation due to an unplanned expense, that caused them to fall behind and they were never able to catch up. However, there is hope. You can help those in the Tampa Bay area overcome financial setbacks and meet their needs so that they can stay on track. Visit our website at and help one of our clients get back on the road to success.


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